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Most broad gauge locomotives from both systems have now been added, with only a few to come! Then I shall begin putting the standard gauge stuff on - mainly AN rolling stock, but newer units such as FA's V544 and Freightlink's fleet will also make an appearance.

Broad Gauge S.A.R. Steam locomotives.


Rx class
F class

620 class
500 class
520 class

Broad Gauge S.A.R./A.N.R. Diesel locomotives

350 class
500 class
700 class
830 class
900 class
930 class


 Broad Gauge V.R. Steam Locomotives

R class
K class
N class

No Image Available

D3 class
J class


Broad Gauge V.R. Diesel Locomotives

A class
B class
C class
G class

No image available

H class
N class
P class
S class
T class (1st)
T class (2nd)

T class (3rd)
T class (4th)