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A severe post-war locomotive shortage, led to the construction of Victoria's most successful light-lines steam locomotive. Although a goods engine, the K class operated passenger trains during their active lives. Entering service in 1922, the K class were constructed at VR's Newport Workshops  and were found so reliable that a further series of locomotives were built in 1946, these locomotives were basically the same as the original series, however they were fitted with balanced boxpok driving wheels and a staff exchanger. With the introduction of T class diesel electric's, the K class were phased out of service, leading many to the scrap road, but K162 lasted in service until March 1979 as Ballarat workshops shunter!. Several have been preserved in operational condition.

K163 and R761 combine to work an enthusiast special, seen here arriving in the North-East railway town of Seymour.


Photo's courtesy Khris Abuid

Original owner: Victorian Railways

Entered service: 1922

Builder: Victorian Railways, Newport Wks.

Gauge: 5'3" (1800mm)

No. Series: K140-K192

Cylinders: 20" x 26"

Boiler pressure: 175lb/ sq in

Driving wheel diameter: 4' 7"

Tractive effort: 28 127lb

Grate area: 25.75 sq ft

Overall weight: 104.6t


(locomotives in bold are operational as at Jan 03)

K151- Steamrail Victoria - Sationary Boiler, used for parts

K153 - Steamrail Victoria

K183 - Steamrail Victoria - In storage following Benalla accident

K184 - Steamrail Victoria

K190 - Steamrail Victoria

K157 - Castlemaine and Maldon Tourist Railway

K160 - Castlemaine and Maldon Tourist Railway

K163 - Mornington Railway Preservation Society

K177 - Mornington Railway Preservation Society

K165 - ARHS (Vic. Div) Williamstown Railway Museum