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V/Line A class Diesel Electric Locomotives


Having entered service during the early fifties, as the B class, V/Line decided during the mid 80's to rebuild the B class into a high speed passenger locomotive for use on intercity passenger trains and fast freights. With the introduction of the N class diesel locomotives during 1985, the rebuilding of the B class ended, in favour of the brand new N class units. As a result only 11 of the B class units were re-built.

 An FA liveried A class unit in company with a V/line liveried P class unit on the loop at Tocumwal with a grain train, whilst another A (in FV livery) and a P work past with the Tocumwal container train.

photo courtesy of Trevor Staats

Original owner: Victorian Railways

Entered service: 1983

Number series: A60,62,66,70,71,73,77-79,81,85

Builder: Clyde engineering, Rosewater

Gauge: Broad (5"3'), Standard (4'8 1/2")

Wheel arrangement: Co-Co

Engine: EMD 12-645E3B

Power output: 1846 kW

Tractive effort: 212kN

Max. Speed: 133kmp/h

Length (over couplers):18.5m

Weight: 118t

In service: 11