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500 Class shunt locomotives

In their day, the 500 class could be found operating suburban passenger train, in times of railcar shortages, or working metro freight trains around Adelaide. They were based in every major yard around the state including two in the triple gauge yard at Gladstone, and at Tailem Bend. As newer locomotives arrived, and freight trains became longer and heavier, the 500's became redundant, and so Australian National Railways began the process of calling for tenders for the scrapping of several class members. Two remain on broad gauge in the metro area, working as shunters at ICI Osborne, being interchanged frequently. Two other 500's were repainted in ARG livery and were used as shunters at Tennant Creek, during the construction of the Alice-Darwin Rail line during 2002-2003. Two units have been preserved - 507 at Steamranger and 515 at the National Railway Museum. The later recently being gauge converted to standard gauge to enable multi gauge shunting to occur.


Its a mere 9 degrees and I captured this stunning portrait of Steamrangers 507 on film, while it idles, as Rx207 shunts a string of centenary cars out of the Mt. Barker depot. The dark clouds behind the loco prove that even in dark conditions, photos can still turn out well! May 2002.


Introduced: 1964

Builder: S.A.R. Islington

Gauge: Broad (Later Standard)

Wheel arrangement: B0-B0

Length (over coupler faces) 12.6m

Weight: 57t

Engine: English Electric 4SRKT

Generator:  English Electric 827-4C

Traction Motors: English Electric 548-2A

Tractive Effort: 139kW

Max Speed: 66kmp/h

In service: 5

Preserved: 2 - 507(BG) Steamranger, Goolwa

                     -  515(SG) National Railway Museum, Pt. Adelaide