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Victorian Railways B class Diesel Electric Locomotives


Half of this class have been converted to the higher powered A class units, they are generally still in service with Freight Australia and V/Line Passenger. West Coast Railway still operate three units on the broad gauge line between Warrnambool and Melbourne, with one unit - B80 on standard gauge in "murraylander" livery.

B75 waits with a train of "teacup" liveried passenger cars at Shepparton with a Melbourne bound passenger on 3rd Sept 1983

Photo courtesy Chris Stratton

Original Owner: Victorian Railways

Current Owner: West Coast Railway, various preservation societies

Entered service: 1952

Builder: Clyde engineering

Gauge: All on broad gauge (5'3"), with exception of B80, which is on standard gauge (4' 8 1/2")

Engine: EMD16-567BC

Power output: 1200kW

Tractive effort: 178kN

Max. speed:133kmp/h

Number series: B60 Harold W Clapp - B85

In service: 4

Preserved: B63, B67, B68, B72, B74, B83


  • B60 Harold W Clapp - A60
  • B62-A62
  • B66-A66
  • B70-A70
  • B71-A71
  • B73-A73
  • B77-A77
  • B78-A78
  • B79-A79
  • B81-A81
  • B85-A85


B80 suffered a graffiti attack on Wednesday 8th January 2003 whilst Stabled in holding road #4 at Pacific National Islington, South Australia.