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930 class diesel locomotives


958, preserved by SteamRanger, waits for its passengers at Victor Harbour on a special Australia Day train back to Mt.Barker


The mid 1950's saw the introduction of mainline diesel products, in the form of ALCo units. The initial batch of this class , numbered 930-936 were delivered as single ended locomotives. The later batch, being delivered as double ended locomotives. In service, the 930's were used on everything from local pick up frieghts, to the crack Overland express trains from Adelaide to Melbourne - often being dropped at Serviceton, prior to the era of through working. By the late 80's 930 class units were already being sent to Sims Metal, being replaced by the BL class on broad gauge and the AN, DL and EL class units on the standard gauge. Locomotive 958 was sold to Steamranger, where it provides an alternate form of motive power for long distance trains over the VHTR. Prior to the end of the broad gauge era, two 930's were still in regular service. Locomotive 961 (painted in a unique explorer livery) and 963. 963 hauling the very last broad gauge Overland from Adelaide to Tailem Bend, returning to Adelaide on the returning Overland the next morning. 961 remained in service with Australia Southern Railroad, until it was eventually replaced by the 422 class, that Australia Southern Railroad had recently purchased from FrieghtCorp. Silverton Tramway purchased 961 for use as a yard shunter at Broken Hill. 961 later being re-numbered 44s1. 963 is preserved at SteamRangers Mt.Barker depot as a source of spare parts to keep 958 in operable condition. 930 - the class leader is also preserved at the National Railway Museum, however will never run again, due to a buckled frame which occurred following a shunting mishap, while in service with Australian National.


Introduced: 1955

Number in class: Mk1 - 6

                          Mk2 - 31

Manufacturer: A.E. Goodwin ALCo, Sydney

Gauge: Broad and Standard

Wheel Arrangement: C0-C0

Length: 17.94m

Weight: 104t

Engine: ALCo 12-251B

Generator: General Electric 5GT581

Traction Motors: General Electric 761

Power Output: 1305kW

Max Speed: 113kmp/h