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900 Class Diesel Locomotives


These locomotives where the debated first mainline diesel power on the mainland of Australia. The Commonwealth Railways' GM class also entering service within days of each other. These units, built at Islington Workshops lasted until the late 80's when Australian National Railways withdrew them, sending them on their final run towards the scrappers torch. Locomotives 900 - Lady Norrie, 907 and 909 all were spared and today reside at the National Railway Museum and Steamranger respectively, the later two  units in very poor condition.

907 stands, somewhat abandoned in the dock platform at Strathalbyn. Excessive axle loads have relegated both 909 and 907 as static reminders of past locomotive breeds.


Introduced: 1951

Number in Class: 10

In service: 0

Manufacturer: South Australian Railways, Islington

Gauge: Broad

Wheel Arrangement: A1A - A1A

Length (Over coupler faces): 20.17mtrs

Weight: 128t

Engine: English Electric 16SVT

Generator: English Electric 822-17K

Power Output: 1185kW

Tractive Effort: 279kW

Max Speed: 119kmp/h