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Most images in these galleries are available as 1280 x 960 pixel images or greater by emailing the webmaster.

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621 to Victor Harbour

The Southern Encounter in 2003

Dry Creek North

Photo's of a five ARG liveried lash up at the head of 4AS3

Dry Creek Motive Power Centre

Vintage Bulldogs on-shed at EDI-Dry Creek

Keswick/Mile End

The Overland and MP9S

2003 Outback Christmas Indian Pacific

A 27 car maxi-consist hauled by Indigenous liveried unit NR30

NR75 - Steve Irwin

The New livery for the Ghan

F251 - Last Broad Gauge Steam in the Suburbs. 1995

The last suburban steam for Adelaide

W22 - Return to Steam

Pichi Richi Railways Easter 2003 operations.

Steamrangers Cockle Train - January 2 2004

English Electric 507 on Cockle Train duties, and Brill railcar 60.

Bluebird Railcar's 1998-2002

A cross section of Bluebird services around South Australia

Metro Adventures

Metro Passenger and Freight workings around Adelaide.

Bound for Darwin

The first scheduled freight train from Adelaide to Darwin


Mount Barker Junction

A selection of detail shots of 6MA3P and 6MA8 at Mt. Barker Junction.

Rail around Adelaide

Suburban freight and passenger services around Adelaide during Jan 2004.

First Ghan to Darwin Part 1

Keswick Passenger Terminal -Saturday 31st Jan 2004.

First Ghan to Darwin Part 2

Photo's from Nantawarra and Warnertown.

First Ghan to Darwin. Port Augusta

Photo's by Samuel Wittwer


Early morning photography 14th Feb 2004.

From the archives: Dry Creek

A small collection of photos from the end of steam out of Dry Creek.

Dubbo 1999

48 classes on a mixed train to Bathurst.


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