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Victorian Railways 2nd series T class Diesel Electric Locomotive No.'s T347-T356

T353 an 2nd series T stands at Dynon freshly out-shopped in V/Line livery. Photo courtesy Chris Stratton.


Original owner: Victorian Railways (govt. owned)

Current owner: Freight Australia, Great Northern Railway, WCR

Entered service: 1964

Builder: Clyde engineering

Gauge: Broad (53), Standard (4 8 )

Wheel arrangement: Bo-Bo

Engine: EMD 645E1

Model: G-18B

Power output: 700kW

Weight: 69t

Length: 12.4m

Max. Speed: 100kmp/h

No. Series: T347 - T 356

In service (Dec 2002)*:      Freight Australia: 13 - T 371, T374, T379, T382, T388, T390, T392,  T396, T399,  T400, T402, T408, T409

                                                West Coast Railway: 3 T363, T369, T385

                                                Great Northern Railway: 6 -T317, T345, T373, T376, T377, T381

             TOTAL: 22 units currently in service with their respective owners

* In service, covers all of the class, including all series of the units.