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First Ghan to Darwin

Part 2

Nantawarra and Warnertown.

The greater majority of shots were taken with a Hi8 video camera, and will be uploaded in the coming weeks - check back soon!


Photo's Peter, Nicholas and Stephen Michalak.

NR54, leads GSR's Indian Pacific Service to Adelaide through Nantawarra
Just after we had set up with a  great spot for photographing and videoing, CLP17 and 603 arrived in the passing loop at Nantawarra with a loaded grain train for Port Adelaide completely obscuring our view of the main line.
'A' end of 603.
History was made in two ways today. Not only was this the first south-north passenger train, but it was also the longest ever passenger train in Australian history. Here Ghan liveried units NR74 Port Pirie and NR109 lead the 43 car Ghan service through Nantawarra.
See above.
The Prince of Wales car - an original CR wooden bodied trans car took pride of place in the centre of the consist.
Did someone say this train was short....I think NOT!!!!
NR102, NR110, AN7 and 8120, race through Warnertown with a double stacked container train bound for Adelaide.
As above
As above.