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SteamRangers Cockle Train

January 2 2004


Due to the failure of Rx207 on New Year Day, vintage English Electric shunter 507 was utilized as the motive power for the day. I traveled on the 1600hrs Victor Harbour - Goolwa service, and was pleasantly surprised to cross recently restored Brill railcar 60 in Goolwa yard. 507's consist was made up up car 71 - The carriage that Princess Dianna and Prince Charles traveled in from Goolwa-Victor several years ago. A red baggage car and car 76 bringing up the rear of the train.

507 has just arrived on the 1230 train from Goolwa, consisting of car 76 and a red baggage car. It is seen here running around its train, ready to form the 1330 train back to Goolwa.
507 is seen here running back to couple up with the two cars in the platform.
507 was then shut down in the platform whilst the crew took a well earned break.
507 is prepared for a 1330 departure to Goolwa.
Ready for departure
With a blast of its air horn, the crew of 507 ease the 1330 Cockle Train out of the platform bound for Goolwa.
The view from car 71 as 507 lifts the 1600hrs Victor-Goolwa train out of Port Elliot
The redeveloped wharf precinct at Goolwa witnesses the cross of 507 on the 1600hrs Victor-Goolwa Cockle train and railcar 60 which was ready to form the 1635 Goolwa-Victor Harbour extra Cockle Train service.
As 507's train disappears around the corner at the end of the yard, car 60 backs into Goolwa platform before working the 1635 Goolwa-Victor Service.
Car 60 at Goolwa Station. Car 60 has an interesting history - having been built by the SAR at Islington Workshops as a Brill Trailer. Australian National Railways then converted the car to a camp trailer for work gangs in remote locations, before Steamranger got their hands on it, converting the car to an operable power car. As the Brills No. series finished at #59, it seemed only right to number the converted trailer car as number 60 - A tribute to the magnificent restorations which Steamranger so frequently carry out.