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Dry Creek Motive Power Centre

On 22nd November 2003, Nicholas and Stephen Michalak visited EDI Rails Dry Creek Motive Power Centre. On-Shed were a few vintage GM class units, including Commonwealth Railways liveried unit GM1. This unit is kept in service to help with a bumper grain harvest, which is expected to commence shortly. This unit recently celebrated its 52nd Birthday.

Commonwealth Railways liveried GM1 stands at the back of the servicing centre.
GM40 and another GM class - both liveried in Australian National livery wait their next turn of duty,
Two impressive shots of GM1
Another shot of GM40 while two CLP's bask in the sunshine.
GM1 coupled to GM40.
GM42, accompanies 846 and another GM class in the fueling depot, whilst a PacNat DL class waits repairs.
DL39, AN1,AN4, NR39 work past the MPC with a transfer train.