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Dry Creek North

Wednesday 5th November 2003 saw CLP8, CLP13, 2204, GM44 and 3103 head to Sydney for crew training, as part of a new contract that Australian Railroad Group had secured hauling grain for Manildra in New South Wales. The 22 and 31 class had only just arrived back in Adelaide ex. Darwin line construction trains and so were on their first trips east since their return from the NT.


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NR11, AN7 and NR15 race train No.3MP5 from Melbourne to Perth through Dry Creek North on the main line.
CLP8, CLP13, 2204, GM44, 3103 move up to the northern departure signal.
A beautiful shot of the nose of CLP8
CLP13 and 2204.
CLP13 and 2204 coupled nose to nose.
2204 and GM44 (The only GM class painted in ARG livery)
3103 brings up the rear of the locomotive lash up.
An all orange lash up!
Another shot of 2204 and GM44
CLP8 posed against a backdrop of Mawson Lakes and the Mount Lofty Ranges
CLP8 again!
The two CLP's move out of the yard, having been cleared for the main line.
Another shot of the all orange lash up, this time leaving the yard.