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Adelaide-Belair-Adelaide-Outer Harbour-Adelaide-Salisbury

January 13th 2004

Photo's: Peter Michalak

ARG's 704 (The Only 700 in ARG livery) combines with AN liveried 843 to lift 2E52 loaded stone train from Penrice to Osborne, over the Commercial Road viaduct in suburban Port Adelaide.
The two ALCo's have topped the grade, and now roll downgrade toward Ethelton and Glanville.
ARG's Ex. FreightCorp locomotive 42207 rolls across the Commercial road viaduct with the Balco container train from Pt.Pirie to Pelican Point. 42207 is an interesting unit; recently repainted, the unit was painted in a modified FrieghtCorp livery instead of ARG's Orange and Black livery as exhibited on 704.
Rolling downgrade toward Glanville.
A 2 car un-refurbished 3100 class railcar set arrive at Belair with a service from the city.
the 2 car 3100 class set in the platform at Belair
Looking east from the over bridge at Belair. The standard gauge crossing loop continues around the corner, where the track becomes single track until Mt.Lofty.
Looking through a grafitied window, a derilict AJ class sitting car off the Overland sits awaiting refurbishment.
Not a train this time, but a ship. P&0's Star Princess berthed at Outer Harbour at 06:30 this morning, so we extended our trip from Pt. Adelaide to have a look at her. She dwarfs the terminal, and took three camera shots to record her length.
A TransAdelaide employee welcomes passengers from the Star Princess, as a two car 3100 class refurb arrives from Adelaide.
A four car Jumbo set in Platform 1 at Adelaide Station.