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Technical Details (100 and 250 class railcars)

256 - Kookaburra leads a 100 class through the Adelaide Hills. Paul Henley Photo.

250 class

Builder: S.A.R Islington

Seating: 56 passengers (52 passengers after refreshment facilities were fitted on some)

Engine: Cummins x2 NT-855-~ 6 Cylinder diesel

Auxiliary Power: 1xGM 3-713 Cylinder diesel

Length: 78ft 3in

Total Weight: 60 tons

Height: 13ft 8 in

Width: 9ft 9in

Maximum Speed: ll2kmp/h

Fuel Capacity: 1137 litres

Year introduced: 1954-1959

Total in Class: 11


These Railcars entered service in 1952 and soon rejuvenated country Rail services. A 4 Ton baggage compartment took up around one quarter of the Railcar at the A end. Access was gained by one large stainless steel door on each side. A small guards compartment was adjacent to the passenger compartment bulkhead. Seating was provided for 56- Second class passengers. This was later reduced to 52 with the fitting of on board refreshment facilities. PVC covered roll over type seats were fitted to the 250 class, while cloth covered were fitted to the 100 class. Toilets were located at the "B" end of the railcar on either side of the Aisle and backing on to the drivers compartment.

The Railcars rode on 2.44m wheel base Bradford Kendell, Commonwealth, Cast steel, Equalised Bogies.


100 class

Length:  78ft 3in

Width:   9ft9in

Height:   l3ft 11 in

Weight:  42tons l0cwt

Seating:  72

Total in Class: 7



These cars were introduced in 1955 and were designed to match the 250 class railcars already in service. At both A and B ends a drivers compartment was located. First class seating was terracotta coloured cloth on reclining and rotating seats. These were later covered in a patterned rust -coloured cloth. Again toilets were abutted to the 'B' end drivers compartment on either side of the aisle, however on the 100 class railcars another set of toilets were installed abutting the 'A' end drivers compartment. An additional luggage rack was mounted on the 'A' end toilet bulkhead.