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Preserved 100 class Bluebird Trailers

100 - Mopoke

Entered Service: 5th September 1955

To Standard Gauge: June 1984

Conversion to Loco hauled car: November 1986 and subsequent re-numbering firstly to 107 for Australian Nationals computer re-coding and secondly BR107 following conversion.

Withdrawal from Australian National:  Sometime in December 1995

Forwarded to Victoria: 28th November 1998 on V/Line freight 7AD1, the car had been re-numbered 811

Subsequent return to Adelaide: Sometime in June 1999.

Re-paint into original livery: May 2001

On Freight Bogies at Islington Works: 2003


102 - Plover

Entered Service: 21st November 1955

Withdrawal from Australian National: mid December 1995

Restored: October 1997

Re-entered service: May 1998

Placed into Storage at Islington Works: April 2003

Notes: This car was noticed to have been renamed in August 2001 to Shiraz.

102 coupled to 251 at Gawler Station on the inaugural Barossa Wine Train.


106 - Brittern

Entered Service: 27th August 1958

Buffet: Yes, Fitted during mid 1972, when the car was in for overhaul at Islington Wk's.

Withdrawn from Australian National: December 1995

Forwarded to Victoria:  30th December 1998, numbered 812

Subsequent return to Adelaide: 13th June 1998

Re-painted into original livery: May 2001

Listed for sale as part of end of year asset sale for CFCLA: November 2002.

Sent to Melbourne: March 2003

Returned to Adelaide: November 2003 on train 7MA5 covered in Graffiti.

Placed back into storage: November 2003