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BMC Class Trailers (Ex. Overland Twinette)


Bluebird rail purchased two ex. Overland sleeping cars, with the view of using them for corporate charters etc. Two cars have so far been rebuilt.



BMC1 entered service with the South Australian/Victorian railways on the 10th November 1956 as Twinette sleeper JTA4- Tandeni. This car was renamed during the mid 70's to Paiti. In December 1995 Australian National Railways sold the car to the International Development Services following the gauge conversion of most Overland stock. The car was then sold to Barry Martin of Bluebird rail. The car's interior was stripped in May 1998 for conversion with a bar and lounge area.

The car re-entered service with Bluebird Rail on the 20th August 1998 coded BMC1 and painted to match with the Bluebird railcars (Blue and Silver).




Entered Service - 10.11.1956

Written Off - December 1995

To Bluebird Rail - December 1995

Re-Entered service - 20th August 1998

Out of service - currently still in service


BMC2 Sir John Forrest

Details on this car are not known, however I believe the car is ex Overland roomette sleeper Juki. This car was coded JRA-5 and entered service with the S.A.R and Victorian Railways on the 8th August 1956. The car was withdrawn from Australian National Stock during December 1995.


BMC2 is noticeably different to BMC1 as it has large double height picture windows on the sides cutting through the stainless steel windows above the windows on both sides the the 'B' end of the car. This car has been included in several Great Southern Railway consists during the past few months (late 2001), especially it's use on the G.S.R Outback Christmas special train. This car has since changed hands to "Grand Central Rail" who charter the car for use on ANY Great Southern Railway service (Overland, Ghan and Indian Pacific). I last noted the car included in the record breaking 32 vehicle Overland to Melbourne for the Collingwood Vs. Crows semi-final at the MCG during September 2002.


Entered Service- 8th September 1956

Written Off- 14th December 1995

Re-Entered service-

Out of Service - Currently still in service